Is Jared Waerea-Hargreaves NRL’s strongest man?

Is Jared Waerea-HArgreaves the NRL’s strongest man after a huge 160kg power lift?

Rooster's Jared Waerea-Hargreaves’ powerlift proves he’s one of the NRL’s strongest playe

While no one will confirm it officially, we can reveal that Waerea-Hargreaves has become the star attraction of Roosters’ gym sessions over summer with a staggering 160kg powerclean.

His incredible performances on the Olympic lift, considered the best indicator of power and strength, is not only a Roosters club record, but it is believed to be the best of any player in the NRL.

Sadly, with rugby league conditioners now closely guarding gym statistics, it’s hard to know who comes close to challenging the Tricolours’ forward.

However, in 2010, The Daily Telegraph featured a back-page story on then Parramatta centre Timana Tahu powercleaning his way to a new club record. It was 140kg.

One senior NRL rival said last week: “If there’s anyone lifting more than 160, I certainly haven’t seen it.

“Someone like Paul Gallen might go close. But it’s a huge lift for an NRL player.

“Jared is obviously a beast in the gym and, unlike some guys, he takes that power into games with him.”

League’s strongest man title has always been hotly debated, with different players boasting records for different lifts.

Gold Coast recruit Dave Hala, for example, can bench press 195kg, while players such as Gallen and Penrith front-rower Sam McKendry deadlift around 220kg.

Waerea-Hargreaves’ new power clean record is definitely enough to take him to the top of league’s strongman pile.