Sydney Roosters Pre-season, a 5 Day No Frills Camp in Canberra

The Sydney Roosters held a training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport. pic Mark E

The Sydney Roosters held a training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport.

South Sydney, meanwhile, travelled to altitude in Arizona while the Manly Sea Eagles climbed Mt Kosciuszko.

Yet when it comes to the Sydney Roosters gaining a premiership edge for 2015 … well, they went to downtown Canberra.

Yep, while their NRL rivals may have shelled out thousands on hyped pre-season jaunts, the Roosters instead embarked on a no frills five-day camp at the Australian Institute of Sport.

It says everything about their mindset for 2015.

Since his appointment as head coach two years ago, Trent Robinson has been determined to ensure his players understand both the Roosters club, and the area from which it hails, is anything but the “latte” stereotype.

It was a message continued in Canberra.

So while a host of leaguies have spent the summer baulking at offers to move to the nation’s capital — think Michael Ennis, Josh Mansour and James Tedesco — Bondi boys like Mitchell Pearce and Michael Jennings happily made it home.

And rather than watching NBA games or trekking through the Grand Canyon, the Roosters instead washed their own dishes and ripped into each other on the training paddock.

Apart from several rugged opposed sessions, staff also pushed players through a variety of tough physical examinations including the ‘yo-yo’ test — a modernised version of the old beep test.

Privately, senior Roosters players have described the camp as the perfect start to their year, adamant it is already reviving the work ethic and grit that took them to a premiership in 2014.

But as for which camp will provide the greatest results?

Well, the Rabbitohs have become the first NRL club to commit to altitude training at the Northern Arizona University after a smaller group of players were sent as a “test group” in November, 2013.

The players spent their time pushing through a range of gruelling sessions which include climbing the Grand Canyon and Humphreys Peak — the highest natural point in Arizona, with an elevation of 3852 metres.