Aaron Woods Disappointed by Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson’s Pre-Origin Drinking Session


Aaron Woods has expressed his disappointment at Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson for their 8 hour drinking session before State of Origin Game 3, suggesting that maybe they should have had a beer at their hotel instead.

“Bit disappointed they got on the piss all day but everybody prepares for games differently,” Woods told Sky Sports Radio on Wednesday.

“We trained really well all week but it’s probably the things that we do away from the training paddock that probably let us down.

“(They) probably shouldn’t have done it in the limelight, maybe just stay low at the hotel if they wanted to have a beer.

“All these little things, people are just trying to pick up on and try to smash us with. But one to 17, we’ve got to put our hands up and just cop everything that’s coming because we didn’t give a good performance.”

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