Ricky Stuart Blasts Blake Ferguson and Josh Dugan for Their Pre-Origin Drinking Session


Ricky Stuart has blasted Blake Ferguson and Josh Dugan for their pre-origin drinking session, believing that both players should have been banned from State of Origin 4 years ago.  Stuart feels sorry for Coach Laurie Daley, as well as the players who have continually put in 100%.

“It’s very sad. I’m very embarrassed by it,” Stuart, who coached the Blues in 2005 and 2011-12, said.

“I feel very sorry for (NSW coach) Laurie (Daley). I feel very sorry for the players who’ve actually busted themselves over the course of the last series to try and do the right thing, to try and create a culture.

“(They’ve been) let down by two people who continually let down individuals around them and their teammates.

“This happened in 2013, day one of the first* camp, they both turned up to camp drunk.

“They should’ve been eliminated from State of Origin there and then then this wouldn’t have happened.”

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